"Light is to darkness what love is to fear ; in the presence of one the other desappears"
 Marianne Williamson

A series of acryl glass boxes
dimensions 30/30/10cm, 40/40/10cm and 60/60/6cm

As she was sitting in the dark
She felt the visceral need to captivate colour
An urge to find light again
The colours that were dancing in her mind broke free
It was silent
Yet, it came as a scream from the heart
The heart of a mother
The heart of a daughter
They came as poetry for the eye
And memories of our dreams
Shapes of emptiness
Yet you  won't help but stare at them
Hoping to grasp
The sun you thought had left

by  Samantha Kurz

serie of acryl plate boxes 30x30x10cm