The sculptures made up by Bénédicte  are inspired both by life experiences and her immediate surroundings. Since her childhood,  and thanks to her father architect, contemporary design and architecture were part of her environnement and their influence is obvious in her work. The choice and use of different materials   allows her  to have a range of perspectives to express a theme. Her perception of a texture or color often instills her a concept.  The most encountered themes are identity, light, presence/absence. She mainly works with clay, bronze, paper, resine,... and is inspired by the straight lines, light reflection and highlights
Benedicte completed her training in Namur (B) in the Academie des Beaux Arts. She al lives and works in Namur, Belgium and participated in several group exhibitions since 2013 such as  Univ. Mimar Sinam, Istanbul, Eskisehir (Turkey), Parcours d'artistes Tervuren, Chambres avec vues Namur, Gery Art Gallery, Beltud Schaerbeek, E-Gallery Brussels, Fac. Univ. Namur, Musée Ianchelevici La louvière, Degroof Petercam , etc..